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>> against the gate. and that's where he held a knife to her. he asked her for her money. after she gave him what he wanted, then he proceeded to sexually assault her. the sexual assault ceased when an approaching motorist came down the street, and the victim believed that the suspect was scared away. the suspect in this case was wearing a mask. the victim describes it as a beanie that came over his face with the eyes and mouth cut out. >> investigator it is don't believe the victim knew the suspect. a crime stoppers reward is being offered. san jose police will no longer automatically respond to burglar alarms triggered in the city because a new study found that 98% of the alarms in san jose have been false alarms. now, the only way police will respond is if somebody is on site to confirm a crime issing committed -- is being committed.
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the new policy is not popular with accident and homeowners >> it's useless to have an alarm system. if you know the cops are not going to show up. the other option would be to move into my shop and live here 24 hours a day, sleep here at night with a gun. in case the alarm goes off, i can defend myself and call the cops >> why am i paying an alarm service for home and the business, if they're not going to respond to it? >> the city says the new policy will save $600,000 a year, and could save officer jobs. a broken water main shut down some very busy streets in downtown walnut creek today. east bay mud says it doesn't know what caused the priep to rupture -- the pipe to rupture. >> reporter: there were road closures in three different directions. traffic of snarled
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in downtown walnut creek with a lot of people having off this week to get downtown to go shopping. drivers experienced delays with the road closures lasting throughout the evening commute. while the break happened in the midst evermiddle of the downtown -- in the middle of the downtown shopping area, only one business, crate and barrel, suffered any water damage. stores in the area remained open during the repairs. three businesses were without water for most of the day. but the water was turned on by early evening. in ten-minute, an update on the south fran water main break -- san francisco water main break that happened the day after thanksgiving. we'll find out what caused the break, and if there are any water mains with similar problems in the area. a man is in jail accused of firing off illegal fireworks. they damaged a house and car. you can see the damage to the
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car there. softball sized hole in the side. police say friday night, the man tried to shoot off a fibering -- firework inside an iron tube. a small plane overshot the runway in concord today. the pilot had radioed air traffic controllers to report a problem before the crash. two tires caught fire on a southwest plane during takeoff tonight. it was headed to seattle from sacramento. it happened just after 6:00 pm. the pilot landed quickly, called emergency crews. 130 passengers were not hurt. clouds are increasing this evening. a look at the storm tracker radar. the tail end of it going to rush through the bay area overnight. no rain out of this, but definitely you see the
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cloud cover pushing in right now. that's going to halt cooling for us. upper 30s right now, novato, santa rosa, 39 also in half moon bay. and los gatos. mainly in the 40s. 43 in oakland, 42 in concord, 43 in san jose. here's what you can expect overnight. the cloudiness and areas of dense fog expected for tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy and cool for tomorrow afternoon. no rain as a mentioned. there is a possibility of rain into friday. and we'll talk about that coming up. in north korea, this was the scene at the funeral of the fallen leader. thousands of people lining the street paying tribute. they wailed as the van wearing his portrait drove by. his youngest son has been named his successor. coming up, we find out why
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google has angered online airfare sights. we tell you what the winning megamillions are. and in sport, which '9ers and raiders made the pro bowl. and when stephane curry is expected back after restraining his ankle.
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despite a reported rise in consumer confidence, stocks ended flat, the dow dropping two points, the nasdaq and the smp rose slightly. two long standing american stores, seers and k-mart are in trouble. sears announced it will close between 100 and 120 stores after disappointing holiday sales came in. there are nine stores in the bay area. there are eight k marts. a lot of them you see in the east bay right there. the company has not announced which, if any are closing. and this is just the latest blow to sears and k-mart.
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the kwuchl has more than four -- company has more than 4,000 north american stores, and revenue fell more than 5% this quarter, which include the holiday season. competition like walmart and target have hurt them in recent years. the company a stock lost more than 25% of its value after news of the closures was announced. rain on the way. we'll tell you when we might see some wet weather, coming up. it's the perfect time to find great deals
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new details about last month's water main break in south san francisco. it happened the day after thanksgiving. it was a mess. the break shurt down a big -- shut down a big section of the city. nearly a million gallons of water flooded the area. the san francisco puc talked about what went wrong. >> reporter: the san francisco public, tilts commission says
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this massive water main break on november 25th was the result of a failed coupling on a 12-inch water pipe. this photo was taken shortly after the water was turned off. the five-foot in diagram crystal strings pipeline is there on the left. on the right is a water meter vault that distributes water to the homes in the neighborhood. upon the 12-inch pipe connecting the two has come apart at a joint connector in the middle where the water was leaking out. the puc said the coupling should have had restraints around it. assistant general manager steve ritchie said -- >> there's no excuse. it was human error that caused it. that's why we're putting in place mechanisms to make sure it doesn't happen in the future with additional reviews to make sure it doesn't happen. it's as simple as that. they also said
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that it found -- similar couplings throughout its water delivery system, but those connectors had the proper restraints. in south san francisco, charles clifford, kron4 news. today we saw sunny skies. but tomorrow, clod cover , at least through -- cloud cover, at least through the morning. areas of fog expected, plus the cloud cover. even after the fog clears, you're not going to see sunshine right away. temperatures into the low 40s in the mid and afternoon. and it let's take a look at thing to clearing times. today was really bad. we had fog for the delta, and the north bay, that just didn't want to clear. tomorrow morning it looks like 11:00 in the morning for santa rosa and concord. 10:00 in livermore, redwood city, and san jose. we're still going to have cover once the fog clears. the patches of fog lingers to the times you just saw.
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temperatures in the afternoon, upper 60s. 62 in livermore, 62 in morgan hill. in the north bay, upper 50s and low 60s as well. 58 in richmond. a look the your satellite and radar picture. this is the tail end of a storm pushing to the north. it's mainly moving into oregon and washington at this hour. we are seeing some cloud cover pushing into the north bay area, but the rain is going to stay north of us. you'll see the rain making a straight line into the california/oregon border. this is into tomorrow afternoon. it's going to last all the way through tomorrow evening. so we'll continue to get a straight shot of clouds. we have a chance of rain as we move into friday morning. this is only for the north bay. a series of systems moving through to the north of us, and north bay may catch a little bit of rain on friday morning. we'll keep you posted as that gets closer. for the best of the bay area, cloudy
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conditions as the storms push through. temperatures staying rather cool. we'll have a mix of fog and cloud cover through the weekend. the megamillions is $206 million, and tonight the numbers are 23, 32, 33, 49, 43, and the megaball is eight. if the winner, if there is a winner, chooses to take a lump sum instead of yearly payment, that person will still take home nearly $152 million. google launched an online flight fare finder service at it's their version of expedia, or kayak. you put in the city you want to fly to or from, and google lists out the prices of that flight. they compare the airlines to
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find the cheapest tickets. if you chick on the prices, you -- click on the prices, you are taken to the airline's website to purchase the tickets. i found it fast and easy to use. now that google has an online travel service, it puts google in direct competition with travelocity, and those websites are claiming when you do a bachl search on gooing -- basic search on, google puts its fare prices higher than the other websites. sites like orbitz and expedia would be at the top of the results before. some of these depend oncoming from generic travel serves through google's site. they feel it's unfair. google said this, ", like about other partner, google needs to air
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their distribution decisions. that means we currently can only show airlines and booking links. we're exploring advertising opportunities with a new page to showcase other partners. " so it sounds like google will try it make it more fair for their competitors in the future. this could term into a department of justice antitrust issue. we'll have to wait and see how it shakes out. i talked to travelers about all of this. and several people brought up a good point. people who use kayak, these sites, they just go to those websites to do their travel shopping. they don't find those sites through i google search. so they'll keep doing what they're doing, unaffect the. google -- unaffected. the 49ers cut ties with a talented wide receiver. vern has the details coming up. and the 49ers' great season rewarded with eight pro bowl selections. we'll tell you who made it next.
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the 49ers are thin a wide receiver, and they still cut one today, it must really be over for braylon edwards. they cut their ties with the man who finished the season with just 15 catches, and surgery on his right knee. he said in a tweet that his knee requires more rehab, and he never get in synch with the offense. and they showed him the door with the 49ers on the brink of their playoff run guess which team got eight guys picked for the nfl pro bowl? it's the scarlet and gold. patrick willis, one of them. first 49er player in history to make it to the pro bowl in each of his first 5 seasons. this is despite leaving -- missing the last
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three games with a hamstring injury. carlos rogers makes the squad. free agent in the off-season. does he love it in san francisco! career high six interceptions. and justin smith making his third consecutive trip to the pro bowl, ranks third on the team with 101 tackles, and second with 6.5 sacks. here's the list. frank gore, you see him on there. you see desean golson. david akers, and apd andy lee. where would they be without sebastian janikowski? after 12 season, going into his first pro bowl. tied an nfl record 63-yard field goal. he's the raiders' all-time leading scorer. headed to hawaii with
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lechler, and richard seymour going for the 7th time in his career. college bowl business. cal will be facing texas tomorrow at 5:00 kickoff, and the holiday bowl. san diego. the 3 point three point under dogs to the long horns, lcal, they haven't -- well, cal, they haven't played in about a month. and now they're asked to wrap it up against mack brown and texas? >> coming out after a month, you're going to have to -- we may start out a little bit slow. you can't afford to do that against a team like texas, though, they're fast and physical and athletic. so we're going to have to hit the ground running. >> stanford is next week. the warriors were off. they run at home . steevenz curry, we'll see if -- stephen curry, we'll see if he'll be
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playing tomorrow. >> oh,! >> formerly knowns ron artes, kobe bryant, look at the crossover. he's still got it. 26 point, 8 rebounds eight rebounds, lakers win their first of the year over the jazz. lebron james doing his thing, and against those sets, lebron off the steal, soaring for the 1-handed jam. 26 rebounds, five assists. it's james again throwing it down. it's the heat, 115-107. so we'll see what happens tomorrow. cal and texas. upon the first bay area -- >> of course. your thoughts on this? anything in particular? >> well, as my
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